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Inkslinger Presents Inception By Teal Haviland and Silent Orchids By Morgan Wylie Book Reviews


The world is in danger. Mankind is sinking deeper into darkness it cannot understand.

Demons are easily capturing souls as they lead men and women down dangerous paths from which there is no return, while Javan, one of the Fallen, seeks an ancient book and the power it promises. If he succeeds, humans — and the world as they know it — will be destroyed.

There is someone who is capable of stopping Javan . . . 

If she discovers him in time.

Gabrielle is one of the most powerful angels ever created, her job one of the most important. She has come to Earth to learn more about humans and what influences them, and to fight evil she sees growing at an alarming rate. She soon finds herself carelessly distracted with one human in particular, however. Lucas Watkins holds a promise of peace and love for Gabrielle that she never believed she could have again.

As feelings between her and Lucas become more than she can deny, so do the dangers mounting against him. After discovering who Lucas is, and the choice he faces, she realizes Darkness will come for him through demons and fantastical beings he thought only existed in his imaginings — forcing fairytales to become his reality.

Caught between her new mortal ties and ancient immortal responsibilities, Gabrielle must race against what seems to be an ever-quickening clock to learn what she needs to know, protect Lucas, uncover Javan’s plan, and find a way to stop him and all who live in Shadows.

Things become more complex than she ever anticipated, her decisions more critical, and what begins as a quest for information rapidly places her in an even more crucial position within the longest and most important war ever waged.

Join Gabrielle and her allies in a story of love – past and present – fantastical beings, hidden realms, magic, fate, loss, and the fight of good versus evil.

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My Review

5 of 5 Inception

Inception man what to say about Inception...... this book is simply AMAZING! I mean holy hell I love books that have the age old war going on heaven vs hell good vs evil because you just never know where the author is going to take it. Teal has crafted a world where the reader feels right at home and can feel what the character is feeling.

The world as we know it is in trouble. It is filled with danger from demons walking to and from looking for its next victim to take down the path of destruction. One of the fallen angels Javan is looking for an ancient book that has the power to destroy all of mankind. Once he finds this book he plans on taking over the world with pure evil and destroying what he considers to be pesty little creatures mankind. 

There is one person who can save mankind from mass destruction. Gabrielle sits and waits for her time to return to mankind. When she is tasked with finding Javan and destroying him she takes this very seriously. When she returns to earth she is astounded by how mankind is acting and the choices they are making. She is tasked with learning what influences mankind so she and the other angels can reverse this bad that is going on. But Gabrielle soon gets distracted by a human Lucas. Lucas gets Gabrielle's attention and she wants to protect him at all costs.

But there is something very special about Lucas and when Gabrielle finds out she will be caught between saving Lucas and destroying Javan. This is such an EPIC story that had me on the edge of my seat and I was reading as fast as I could because I needed the end I needed to see what happened to Lucas and mankind. Boy I was not disappointed and I need book two like ASAP! 

About Teal Haviland:

Teal Haviland lives in Tennessee with her daughter and her four-legged friends. She enjoys photography, travel, reading, music, cooking, daydreaming, writing (of course), and above all spending time with her family and friends.

Teal grew up with a love for anything fantastical or outrageous. After years of dreaming of worlds where fairies, angels, demons, and shape shifters (to name a few) exist, she finally decided to begin writing her stories down. Inception, book one in her series The Reaping Chronicles, is her first published novel.

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A dying realm.

The ancient evil of the Droch-ShĂșil has been unleashed.

The Orchids have been silenced… but for how long?

Daegan, elite of the Ferrishyn warrior tribe of Faeries, is charged with a mission to find the Sol-lumieth, a mysterious new power that could change the fate of all in the realm of Alandria. But he is conflicted by his purpose, and he cannot trust the motives of those he serves. He has too many questions and they must be answered.

Kaeleigh, a girl abandoned as a small child just outside Missoula, Montana, is now 18. She is trying to discover who she is and where she belongs. In her heart, she feels she has family out there… somewhere. Desperate to unravel the mysteries of her past, she embarks on a journey that will forever change her along with her two best friends, Finn and Chel—who have secrets of their own.


My Review

5 of 5 Silent Orchids

I have to say that I don't read to many books about faeries but this one knocked it out the ball park for me! I mean the world in which Morgan sets us up in keeps you wondering what is going to happen next. The faerie relm is in trouble and the leaders hear about a new power that can save them from dying but no one is strong enough to go and retrieve the new power. So the leaders wait and decide that Daegan who is their top warrior will be sent on the mission to retrieve this new power. Daegan is very smart and knows there is something else at play here and when he goes on his mission and finds out what the power is everything changes for him. He has to decide whether or not to follow his heart or follow his orders.

Kaeleigh has just turned 18 and she feels like she is missing something in her life. She feels like she has family out there and she is not alone. She decides she needs answers so she is going to go in search of what is out there with her two best friends Finn and Chel. Finn and Chel have secrets and their secrets are about to be revealed to Kaeleigh. Can she accept her new role and fate or will she run away scared?

Together with her best friends she will encounter Daegan and their lives will forever be changed. What will happen? Who is the power? Where does it come from? Will it save Alandria? I will not spoil it for readers but man what unfolds between all these characters is EPIC I mean just EPIC! Sit down and read this book and get lost in the world of faeries where reality hits them harder than they can handle.


Morgan Wylie has been writing on and off throughout her growing up years, but started seriously working on her first novel in the Spring of 2009. 7 months pregnant with her first child, she didn't start off with a lot of focused writing time. But Morgan had an epiphany, if you will, and the story flashed before her so she began to write. And she’s still writing. Her debut Young Adult fantasy, SILENT ORCHIDS, will be out this summer.




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