Thursday, April 25, 2013

Book Promo For Trick by Lori Garrett

Gunner Hunt—resident bad boy and town loser—made one smart, selfless decision in his entire screwed up life—he walked away from Harlow Mills.

He and Harlow had one summer of mind-blowing sex and passion, but Gunner knew he wasn't good enough. He loved Harlow enough to walk away.

It's been three years since Gunner stomped on her heart and left her broken, but when Harlow walks into the dive bar he now owns, that familiar spark reignites and burns through both of them. 

Contrary to what Gunner thinks, Harlow isn't just lusting after the off-limits bad boy...or the toe curling sex they have. She wants Gunner back, and she wants him for good.

But some things never change, and even though their feelings—and their chemistry—are still going strong, the fact remains that Gunner’s world of motorcycles, booze, and a band of screwed up brothers is no place for Harlow Mills, card-carrying member of multiple country clubs and daughter of a millionaire.

Gunner has two choices: 

Accept that Harlow deserves better than him, and walk out on her…again.

Or man up and learn to be good enough for the only girl he wants in his bed, and his heart.

Gunner tricked himself into believing he didn't need Harlow in his life once before...but can he give up the only woman he ever loved a second time?

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My Review

5 of 5 Gunner and Harlow

Can I just say HOLY HADES.... SWEET BABY JESUS.....and everything in between! Man THANK YOU Lori for allowing me to read Trick. Lord I started it this morning at 8am at work and could not put it down until I finished it at 4pm. This is a book I am recommending to everyone on goodreads to read. I mean it hooked me right from the first line to the very end. Have you ever been in love and had your heart broken? Well this book is about first loves that never go away. Keeping feelings alive for the one person you want and will stop at nothing to have. No matter what people say or do you are willing to fight for that love. Lord ramblings of a mad reader that is how good this book is!

Gunner and Harlow are from two different worlds. Gunner is a boy from the wrong side of the tracks with no intentions on settling down.He is going to live life hard and fast and take what he wants when he wants. Harlow is the only child to a wealthy family. She has everything she could want and ask for. She is daddy's little girl and does whatever her father says. Then one day that all changes for Gunner and Harlow when Harlow's car breaks down and Gunner is out on a beer run and he stops to help her. Their romance starts out as a summer romance strong and hard and Harlow experiences a lot of firsts she would have never dreamed of. Their romance is like a wild fire that takes root in a small area and goes all out until it has consumed everything and everyone.

Then Gunner tells Harlow to move on and get her a rich guy who can take care of her and give her the things her father has given. Gunner thinks he can't give Harlow what she needs but all Harlow wants is Gunner and nothing else. Their journey is not pretty and it is laced with lot's of twists and turns but it is their story and what unfolds when Gunner and Harlow reunite after three long years apart is where this book will have you laughing then crying and then just plain out pissed at Gunner because he is a bad boy but he is something else deep down and he can't see it but Harlow can see it.

This is a MUST READ with lot's of sex and dirty talk so be warned but it is the BOMB! Read all about Gunner Hunt and Harlow. 

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