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Kade (Resisting Love #2) by Dawn Martens & Chantal Fernando Blog Tour Stop

'Chase' fans! 'Kade' is here and it's another HOT story! If you haven't started the series yet...don't miss out!! 'Ryder' was released on June 29 and we have a special treat for you!! 'James' COVER REVEAL!!
Kade (Resisting Love, #2)

You met Kade and Nikki in "Chase". Now it’s time for their story.

Nikki works hard and plays even harder. A fan of no attachment type 
relationships, Nikki is nowhere near ready to settle down or commit to 
one man. What she doesn’t expect is Kade. A one night stand she can’t 
quite shake, Kade is a ladies’ man and the brother in law of her best 
friend. Will she be able to resist him? Or will Nikki take a chance on 
love with a notorious player?

After making a promise years ago to his now fallen best friend, Kade swore he would take care of Ashley. 
But what happens when Ashley has an agenda of her own? Will Kade let his
promise to his best friend ruin things with the love of his life?



“Hey Kade,” I mumble as I walk into Layla’s house. Kade narrows his eyes on me silently. He's
leaning against the kitchen table, bare-chested while pouring himself a cup of coffee. He looks edible.
I clear my throat. I feel so vulnerable right now, and it's taking all of my will power not to run.
But I want Kade, I want this. So I need to suck it up.

“Layla’s not here,” he deadpans.

“I know, actually I wanted to talk to you,” I tell him in a soft voice.

He raises his eyebrows.

“I’m sorry I’ve been avoiding you, the truth is…” I trail off. The truth is after a week of
thinking, running, and hiding, I have decided I want this man. I want to take a chance on him. He’s not
Ben. And I’m sick of being a coward.

“The truth is, I’m scared, Kade. But I want to try, I want you,” I say as I walk up to him, and
wrap my arms around his waist.

“If you still want me?” I whisper in a soft voice.

His arms tighten around me. “Fuck, Nikki,” he says in a hoarse voice.

“Kade, come back to bed,” a high pitched voice coos from behind us. Kade’s fingers dig into my
skin, and his whole body stiffens.

I turn, and see a half-naked woman walk out, only in her bra and panties. It takes me a moment
to realize exactly what’s going on. It’s not like I expected Kade to be celibate, but, well, fuck. I don’t
know what I thought, it just hurts. This woman looks shocked to see me, and then gives me a dirty look.

“You need to leave, Kelly,” Kade demands.

“Don’t bother,” I say, my voice small. I push away from Kade, and walk to the front door.
“Nikki, wait!” he calls out, storming after me.

“Kade!” Kelly whines, grabbing onto his arm. I see Kade glance down at the woman in disgust.
Kade lifts his head, our eyes connecting.

His eyes are pleading.

Mine are vacant.

When our eyes lock, I see him flinch. Fuck him.

I open the door and walk out.

My Review

5 of 5 Kade

First I would like to say that I am so sorry for getting this review out late. I read it in one night but I am finishing up my summer classes at school and they are killing me! I have no time to read and write school work let alone enjoy a GREAT book. But I did it and now I am doing the review and I have to say that Kade Steele is one FINE specimen of a man and I need me a clone so I can have the love he gives!

Kade.... Kade.... Kade.... Lord have mercy Kade is the man. I loved Chase but Kade is the man. He made me laugh, cry and scream all at once. In Chase we got to see how Kade was. He never lied and he never hid anything from any of the women that came in and out of his house. They knew what they were and it was a good time and that was it. Kade never wanted to commit to a relationship because he never found the right girl that is until one hook up caused him to change his mind. But Kade has a twisted tormented past that haunts him everyday. Plus he has a constant reminder of what happened because Ashley is always there to remind him of his past and what happened.

Nikki she is a fiery redhead that does not do commitment. She does not do relationships because she was burned very badly before and she wants to keep things casual and when you go causal you can't go wrong. One night Nikki is out clubbing and sees Kade. Kade approaches her and takes her home but what happens to the both of them when they hook up is not what either of them has expected. The feelings and emotions are their but they are both scared because of their pasts. Nikki leaves Kade when he falls asleep. When Kade wakes up he wants to know who Nikki is and why she ran. Kade can't explain it but he has real feelings for Nikki and wants her. Only thing is is Nikki doesn't do relationships and she runs from guys who try and have a relationship with her.

To make matter worse for poor Kade is that Ashley who is his best friend keeps coming in the picture and ruining things for him.See Ashley is a bitch to any girl who gets near Kade because she is in love with him and she wants him for herself but Kade is not interested in her in that way because he considers her a sister.But Ashley is determined to have Kade and it does not matter how much trouble she has to start she will start it. With all this craziness going on what is Nikki to think?

Will Nikki ever let go of her pain and past to move on with Kade? Will Ashley go to far and put a wedge in between Nikki and Kade? What happens when Kade finds out how Ashley really is? Will Nikki and Kade get their happily ever after? Well you have to read it to find out!



Moving in with a guy you only met once? Stupid.

But for student Layla Crawford, this was reality.

Chase Jackson is a renowned playboy and self professed commitment phobe, that is until he meets Layla.

Blinded by his intensity to have her, Chase will stop at nothing to make her his.

With a jealous ex and old conquests repeatedly making appearances, Chase' s skeletons come out of the closet one by one, each one pushing Layla further and further away.

Layla is determined to keep her distance. Chase now has to convince the only woman he has ever wanted that he is worth the gamble.

Recommended for readers aged 18+


My Review

5 of 5 Chase

Oh where oh where to begin for this review..... TOTALLY F%^&*$# AWESOME BOOK! Okay I want to curse some more but I will refrain from doing that.My God I have never read a book so dam funny and full of roller coaster emotions. One minute I would be laughing and the next minute I would get pissed off because some people just don't get it when they are not wanted so they try and ruin things for others. But let me tell you Chase and his brothers are Greek Sex God's because man oh man these boys are hot as hell but they also protect what is theirs and they are very fierce in protecting Layla.

Chase Jackson is a player and a business man. He is gorgeous and he knows it. He does not do relationships but instead ops for one night stands and he is very up front and honest with the women when he picks them up. They know the drill it is chew and screw and then goodbye. He never does a girl twice is his motto until he is at a party and sees a beautiful girl. His heart starts racing and he is so entranced and enthralled by her he can not keep his eyes off of her. Only one small problem the girl he is looking at is his best friends cousin and Ryder is not having any off that and he makes Chase promise to stay away from his cousin. Chase does but still keeps watching the girl from across the party. Chase knows if she looks his way he will break his promise but Ryder doesn't give him that chance because Ryder tells them it's time to leave the party. So Chase leaves behind the girl that has made his heart wake up.

Fast forward some time and Chase is in a club with all these girls surrounding him and he is on the prowl for his next girl when he spots her the girl from the party a while ago Ryder's cousin. He knows he has to have her but he is not sure if she will even look at him because he has all these girls all over him. But then the unthinkable happens and she looks at him and smiles and Chase loses his shit and pursues her.

Layla and her best Nikki are out celebrating Layla finding an apartment near her college. They go to the club ready to party like no one's business when Layla and Nikki spot this gorgeous guy across the room. Nikki realizes he is staring at Layla and tells Layla to look and when she does her breath is caught in her throat because this guy is finer than any guy she has ever meet. As Layla and the stranger look at each other Layla knows she is in trouble. Chase approaches her and they go off. They share on kiss and Chase is a goner and so is Layla.

This is where the story gets good so dam good that I will not ruin it for you but I will say this. Chase will have to work very hard to get Layla because his past will come back full force to haunt him and Layla will have to read through the bullshit to see what is true and what is not. Jealous women can be bitches and she is going to have to stand by the man she loves. Chase has never done this whole relationship thing before and he wants it bad so badly he is willing to do whatever it takes to have his Layla.

Will Chase be able to get Layla? Will Layla be able to deal with the craziness that comes with Chase? This is a MUST READ BEACH BOOK! Plus you will need some ice cubes to cool you off or just the beach water because this book is hotter than hell!

To buy 'Chase' first book in series: 


and finally! We get to the special cover reveal for 'James' by Dawn Martens & Chantal Fernando!

James (Resisting Love, #3)

James Steele leads a complicated life, a life that makes it hard to get close to people. James’ secrets caused him to lose the woman of his dreams, Sasha Crawford. James has now moved on with Tatiana, a lovely woman whom he works with, someone who understands his reasons for secrecy. When Sasha comes back into the picture James will have to make a decision. Will he stay with Tatiana, a woman he has grown to care for? Or step up with explanations for Sasha, the woman he can’t seem to stop wanting?

Sasha, a foolish romantic, had thought she had found the love of her life in the sexy James Steele. That was, until she saw him in the arms of another woman. Heartbroken and betrayed, Sasha now had a new take on romance, using dating and men as a way to get over the pain of losing James. When their paths cross again and James now has a new woman, how will she react? Will she let go of all the hurt and anger, and move on? Demand answers? Or lay her cards down, and fight to win back the man that was once her everything?


Oooooh! Bet you can't wait to get your hands on this one too!!! I know I can't!

James is my new book husband! I need to know what secrets he holds......


Ryder Crawford is going places. His band ‘Morning Alliance,’ has just gotten signed, and are now touring with one of the most popular bands in the world. When he meets Lexi Raine, the timing couldn’t have been worse. But like they say, love finds you when you aren’t looking for it. The stunning blonde manages to turn his world upside down, through the fierce connection they share. When Ryder is given the choice between the past and present, he is forced to choose between his career, and a woman he has felt something for like no other. Will he make the right choice? Or spend the rest of his life living with regret? 

Lexi is all alone in the world, besides her best friend and partner in crime Tee. After traveling around the world, drifting from place to place, she tries to settle down in Perth, the place she grew up in. When she meets Ryder, he seems almost too good to be true. What happens when she finds out that when things seem too good to be true, they usually are?


My Review

5 of 5 Ryder Bad Boy

HOLY F&*^%$# SH*&! 

Girls you are like the gift that keeps on giving.......

I wanted more of Ryder since I first read about him in Chase and Lord help me Jesus did I just blow off work and am half a$ cooking to finish this book and yes ladies and gentlemen this book was so worth the sh*& load of work I have to do tonight. Man Ryder has always been very protective of his family and no matter what he is always there for them. So when his cousin comes back from traveling and needs a place to stay he agrees and when he sees the beautiful bomb shell behind her who is her best friend he is all about it. 

When Tee comes back into town and does not tell her family she is back she has no place to stay. She knows Ryder has an extra room because they talk regularly and they are not only cousins but best friends. Ryder is serious about taking care of his family and so when Tee shows up with Lexi he says yes they can stay at his place for a while while they look for an apartment but what Ryder never figured on was that he would fall for Lexi and hard. As he and Lexi get to know one another he realizes they have a lot in common and he starts feeling things he never felt before.

But with all good things there are secrets and hidden pasts and when sh*& hits the fan things will go from great to bad in a nano second and Ryder and Lexi will have to fight hard to keep what they have. Will they fight for the love they deserve or will they walk away and move on.....

Ryder is the man with the master plan so read on to see what happens between Ryder and Lexi! 

About the authors:
Chantal Fernando
I'm 26 and a mother of three beautiful little boys. 
I've been 
happily married since I was 18 and live in Western Australia. 
I love to
read and write; I'm a dreamer. 
Chase is my debut novel, written with 
my friend Dawn. 

Dawn :
I drink too much, Swear too
much, and Read too much. I don't have a filter, and I tend to speak 
before I think. 
I live in Alberta Canada. 
I have an amazing pain in 
the ass husband, and two little girls. 
I have a huge love of reading. 
I've been a beta reader, and helped a few authors edit. On top of those 
things, because I don't plan to give them up, I figured it was time to 
take the leap and write a book. 
It wouldn't be possible without my girl

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