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Willow Pond by Carol Tibaldi Blog Tour Stop

Published by: Create Space
Pages: 324
Available in ebook and paperback
Author: Carol Tibaldi

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The Roaring Twenties crumble into the Great Depression, but Virginia Kingsley, New York's toughest and most successful speakeasy owner, is doing just fine. Now that the world is falling apart, bootlegging is a flourishing business, and she's queen of that castle. 

Then her infant nephew is kidnapped. Her niece, Laura, and Laura's philandering movie star husband, are devastated. The police have few leads, and speculation and rumors abound in the media circus that follows the celebrity abduction. 

Only one reporter, Erich Muller, seems to care enough about the child's welfare and the parents' feelings to report the case responsibly. Over the course of the investigation, Erich Muller and Laura fall in love, but their relationship is doomed to failure since he suspects her beloved aunt Virginia is behind the kidnapping. Laura, jaded when it comes to men, sides with Virginia.

But Virginia has figured out the truth, and she can't tell anyone for fear of losing her niece's affections and having the police ransack her life. So she pursues her own investigation, shaking down, threatening, and killing one petty crook after another during her search.

Little Todd's absence shapes everyone's lives. When he is finally found, the discovery will bring disaster for some and revelation for others.



Willow Pond was a FANTASTIC read. I love reading stories from the 20 and 30's era. I love how they lived on the edge and the women were not meek or shy. In this case Virginia Kingsley owned a Speakeasy. She sold bootleg alcohol and could have a mean streak in her a mile long. But she also carried herself like a lady.

In Willow Pond we meet Virginia's niece Laura whose son is kidnapped. At first no one cares and the case goes without publicity until a lone reporter Erich Muller decides he is going to report the kidnapping and snoop around to gain information. What Erich uncovers leads him to think that Virginia had something to do with her nephews disappearance.

As Erich gathers information he is also falling in love with Laura. The feelings become mutual but Erich fears that once Laura finds out he suspects her aunt of the kidnapping she will have nothing to do with him. He is right because Laura loves her aunt and would never believe she would hurt her child let alone her family.

What is Erich to do? What is Laura going to do to get her son back? Who really has him? Come along on a fantastic ride where the rubber meets the rode and the answers will completely shock you!
Carol Tibaldi was born and raised in Bayside, New York and attended Queens College of the City University of New York. She loves to travel and has lived in London and Los Angeles. For twenty five years she worked as a newspaper reporter and covered the crime beat. She is a history buff and loves to research different time periods having a special affinity of the prohibition era and the Civil War. Willow Pond is her first novel and she is hard at work on the sequel. 

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