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Commencement (Hellsbane 0.5) by Paige Cuccaro Blog Tour Stop

Title: Commencement (a Hellsbane novella)
Author: Paige Cuccaro
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Length: 87 pages
Imprint: Flirt
Release Date: September 2012
ISBN: 978-1-62266-992-9

Hell hath no fury like a woman’s scorn for frat guys…

Emma Jane Hellsbane knows something evil is worming its way through her 
college campus—she can feel it. Literally. Her freakish ability to feel 
other people’s emotions as though they were her own has always been 
monumentally awkward, and it’s easier for her to just pretend it doesn’t 
exist. But this time her paranormal ability just might help her save 

Emma Jane’s fairly certain that whatever the hateful, egomaniacal, 
Godlike thing is, it’s set up shop inside her boyfriend, the frat 
boy/soccer star Justin. And if she doesn’t figure a way to get it out of 
him soon, Justin’s soul will be the appetizer to the main course—the 
whole student body. Problem is, the big baddy is granting sinister 
wishes, and with each one the risks grow higher and the phrase Be 
careful what you wish for becomes a real-life dire warning. Of course 
for Emma, what feels like it could be the end is in fact just the 



Commencement is a short Novella that is packed with punch. Man when I started reading it I did not want to put it down. Emma is in her senior year at college and she has the best friends and boyfriend a girl can ask for. She also has these freakish powers where she can feel peoples emotions and intentions. So when he boyfriend starts acting weird and she can feel those dark emotions she knows there is something wrong with him.

What she will uncover will rock her world because she will have to fight this evil that has taken a hold of her boyfriend and other boys at the college. The saying be careful what you ask for is so true in this case and Emma will have to fight hard for Justin. This novella is a great beginning to a new series called The Hellsbane Series that is a must read!


Today we have a great guest stopping by A Diary of a Book Addict. Today we welcome Author Paige Cuccaro author of The Hellsbane Series. I have to say that this series is a totally EPIC series so far. I read the novella and I am so hooked I can’t wait to read book one Hellsbane. I love the idea of a half angel and half human. 

What inspired you to write this series? 

I’ve always been fascinated by the biblical stories about angels taking human wives and producing these giant children. I thought how cool it would be if they were still doing it, but over the eons had figured out a way to make their children seem just as normal as any human. Then these children, these nephilim, would be living among us, not even realizing themselves the true supernatural power they possessed. Commencement (and the entire Hellsbane series) grew out of that premise. Depending on your beliefs it could all be very possible…and I love that! 

Did you do a lot of research for it? 

Yes, but I didn’t know I was doing research. Because of my fascination with the nephilim mentioned in the bible, I’ve been reading and researching the idea for years just to satisfy my own curiosity. One of my favorite sources, and one of the best and oldest (in my opinion) is The Book of Enoch. Enoch, who contributed to and is mentioned in the bible, talks about the nephilim in great detail. Of course the majority of what he related was excluded from the finished bible. 

How many books are going to be in this series? 

Currently there will be 3 full novels and the prequel novella, Commencement. Hellsbane releases November 13 2012. It’s actually a rerelease and will have a bonus chapter that wasn’t in the first printing. Heaven and Hellsbane, releases for the first time in March 2013, and the third book Hellsbane Hereafter, will release in August 2013. 

Is Emma inspired by someone real in your life? 

Yes and no. She’s a mix of people. I think most characters are bits and pieces of people the writer knows in real life. 

Where is your favorite place to write? 

I have a home office where I do most of my writing. But since I never seem to reach my word count for the day, I often bring my mini-laptop with me into the living room and write during commercials. 

Are you a Kindle or Nook girl? 

Kindle, I guess. Although the Nook is really coming out with some versatile readers. Actually, I own a Galaxy Tab and it has a Kindle app. So that’s why I lean more toward Kindle. 

What are you currently working on right now? 

I’m working on the third book, Hellsbane Hereafter. I’m loving how Emma has grown and come into her own by the third book. I hope readers love her as much as I do. 

Can you give us seven random things about Emma we did not read about? 

She likes cats more than dogs. Her abilities have always scared her more than she lets on. She graduated high school without ever being kissed. She drives a Jeep Wrangler because she loves the idea of driving without the roof, but she never takes it off because it’s too hard to get it back on. She hates shopping so most of her wardrobe is kind of out dated. She would’ve studied psychology even if she hadn’t been born with the ability to feel other people’s emotions. She’s never really believed that she’d ever marry. 

Paige thank you so much for stopping by and sharing Emma and the gang with us. I am looking forward to reading book one ASAP! The novella was just a tease and so now I need more. 

Thank you so much for having me! These were such fun questions I enjoyed answering.
Writing was never a foregone conclusion for me. I once had dreams of 
being a psychologist, a pediatrician, a school teacher, a 
photojournalist, a bartender, and/or an EMT. And then I met my husband 
and my world came into focus. Being wife and mother are my highest 
priorities and greatest joy. But escaping to the fanciful, sexy worlds 
twirling through my mind is an absolute necessity. Putting those worlds, 
and the cornucopia of characters that people them, on paper is just 
plain fun.

Paige lives in Ohio, with her husband, three daughters, three dogs, 
three cats, a parakeet and a bearded dragon named Rexy, in an ever 
shrinking house. When she’s not writing she can be found doing the mom 
thing with a book in one hand and a notepad and pen in the other. Ideas 
come without warning and the best way to stimulate your imagination is 
to enjoy the imagination of someone else.

Where to find Paige

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Hell hath no fury like a woman’s scorn for frat guys… Careful what you wish for!
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Hey Tee! Just wanted to say thanks again for having me on the blog. And thank you so much for the great review!!

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What a great concept -- inspired by a classic source! Sounds like the series is off to an amazing start.

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This sounds like a great book and great series!

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Fantastic concept, loved Commencement, know I'll love the other books. Keep up the great work!

Paige Cuccaro said...

Samanthe, Angelique, and Paulette, thanks so much for commenting!! Ya made my day. :-D