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Letting Go (Mitchell Family, #1) by Jennifer Foor Book Review and Interview

Savanna Tate has loved the same guy since she was 14yrs old. Now she and Tyler are in their second year of college. While Savanna is concentrating on maintaining her high grade point average and academic scholarship, Tyler is busy partying with his frat brothers and screwing around on his girlfriend behind her back. 

Savanna decides they need a break, just so she can focus and maybe change his mind about his priorities. One night at a party Savanna catches Ty in the act and after a heated argument, she leaves. In fear of losing her forever, Tyler steals a car and proceeds to follow her even after he had too much to drink. He loses control of the vehicle and from the injuries of the accident he goes into a coma.

Everyone blames Savanna for Ty's accident. She loses her friends. His family disowns her. She stops being around people and spends most of her time at the hospital waiting for Ty to wake up so that they can start over and have the future she always wanted.

Then his cousin Colt comes back to town to help with the Mitchell family's farm. 

The chemistry between them is electric, but is Savanna willing to let go of Ty to explore her feelings for Colt?

*Contains sexual situations*



Where to start with this review is my issue. To say that I LOVE IT is an understatement. There was so much going on and so much pain, guilt and longing that I literally kept the box of tissues near me because I needed them. I first found out about this book on Facebook. I saw that a few people had read it and loved it and so curious for a new read I went on goodreads and read the blurb and I was hooked! I went on Amazon and bought the book for the Kindle and set out to read it. The problem was once I started to read it I did not want to do anything else so the hubby had to cook and clean because I checked out and started reading and did not finish until I was done.

I have to say I am so GLAD I read this book in one sitting because it left me thinking and reeling and needing more. How could so much emotion be in one book? Then as you know if you have kids life gets to you and I am finally able to write this review. Thank God I take notes but to be honest this story has not left my mind at all. I kept thinking how Ty was a lost and tormented soul. Ty is spoiled and has never ever had to work for anything a day in his life. Then Colt OMG Colt he is a hard worker and went to college and still came back to help out his family on the ranch. Savanna lord she really did live a sheltered life and she was always protected by someone. Whether or not it was her parents or Ty she never really experienced hatred or harassing until she decided she had had enough of Ty and his crap.

Letting Go is a story about love, loss and redemption. Van and Ty have been together forever. They have graduated high school and have gone off to college together. Only Ty shows his true colors and his behavior towards Van changes. As the year goes on Van decides she has had enough and she wants a break from Ty but when she breaks it off with Ty he decides he wants to have his cake and eat it to. As time goes on Van is miserable without Ty and decides she will give him another chance but when she goes to the party he is at she finds him in the act with another girl. Distraught she runs away from the party and he chases her. Drunk beyond reason Ty chases Van down and gets into a car accident. When he crashes the car he ends up in a comma.

Van feels horrible and responsible for the accident and stays with Ty will he is in a coma. Soon everyone hates Van and stays by Ty's side. Only Van knows the truth about her and Ty but she keeps quiet because she does not want to ruin Ty's reputation. Then Ty's cousin Colt comes to town to help the family out with the farm and that is when the truth comes out about Van and Ty. Van decides to trust Colt and tells him the truth about Ty and what he has done to her at school.

As time goes on Van starts to have feelings for Colt. But will she ever be able to get her life back? Will Ty wake up or will he stay in a coma? What will happen if everyone finds out the truth about Ty? Read this story because it is one roller coaster of a ride!


Today I would like to welcome a special guest to A Diary Of A Book Addict. You guys know how I am always stalking Facebook for new authors and I stumbled upon Jennifer Foor who is the author of an EPIC book I read called Letting Go book one in The Mitchell Family Series. Jennifer thank you so much for stopping by and allowing your readers and fans to ask you some questions about Letting Go and the guys that are the stars of the rodeo. I have to say I laughed and cried and then I got angry and then I got pissed off at some of the things that were going on. When the ending came I cried like a bumbling fool and I so wanted more of Colton and Ty. 

First let me say Thank You for reading! I am so glad that you liked it. Having people love something that you put your heart into is such a great feeling. 

What inspired you to write Letting Go? 
Aside from my obsession with hot southern men? I just got this idea in my head and went with it. I didn’t map out the story. I just wrote it as it came to me. 

Are Ty and Colton inspired by someone in your life? 
Probably more Ty, then Colt. Colt is the perfect guy, literally. Everything he does just screams SWOON. Ty is the guy that every girl goes for. He is bad and indecisive. Sometimes that combination is just addicting. Women always think they can change the bad boys. 

Why did the town turn their back on Savanna? 
Well, the story takes place in a small town and Ty was the high school football star. His family was well known and after his accident it was easy to put the blame on someone else. It is unfortunate but happens more often in real life than it should. It was important for Van’s character to have vulnerability. Because of where she was in her life, it was easy for Colt to step right in. She had no one else to turn to. 

Why did Savanna stay by Ty when he had his accident? 
Devotion. Hope. Guilt. 

Why was Colton rude to Savanna when he went to the hospital the first day he arrived?
 He had only heard Ty’s parent’s version of the story. It obviously didn’t last long… 

Why did Ty act like an ass to Savanna when they got to college?
 Like I explained earlier, Ty was the popular “star”. Everyone loved him and his popularity alone got him into trouble. Like a lot of young couples their priorities are what tore them apart, aside from his infidelity, of course. ;) 

Why did Ty fight so hard for Savanna in the end? 
To Ty, Savanna was always like a possession. I think even though he knew she was better off with Colt, he couldn’t let go of the idea that she would never be his. Change is hard. 

Why did Ty lie about Colton? 
He knew that Colt knew his secrets and also that if Savanna ever got to know him she would be crazy about him. He is pretty irresistible. He did it to keep them apart. 

Why was Colton so guarded?
 I think that is just his personality. He is older and more mature with his decisions. He considers the repercussions of his actions. Savanna was his weakness. He fought it at first, but succumbed to the connection they shared. 

When did Colton realize he fell in love with Savanna? 
I think he fell in lust first, but after time it became something he couldn’t deny. He fell fast but backed away to do the right thing. 

Why did Colton hide his financial situation from Savanna?
 It is kind of the same answer as him not telling her the truth about Ty. He wanted her to love him for who he was, not what he had. Money changed things. He didn’t want that in the equation. 

How many books are going to be in this series? 
At least Three. 

When is the next one coming out and who is it about?
 Mid October. This will be Ty and Miranda’s story. Book Three with be Colt and Savanna again. 

Jen thank you so much for stopping by and sharing the Mitchell family with us. I sure do love those boys! They have everything I love about a southern boy and I can’t wait to read more about them. 

Thank you!
Jennifer Foor is a YA and Contemporary Romance Author. She is married with two children and spends most days running around like a chicken with her head cut off. She enjoys reading (especially Indie Authors)watching shows from her DVR, and writing.
Ty and Miranda have always considered themselves cousins, due to the fact that they both share a common relative - Colt - even though they aren't really related at all.

After helping Miranda deliver her baby in the back seat of a car, Ty becomes closer to both she and her baby. Their long distance friendship keeps them platonic, even though in the past they both have
wondered if there was something more happening between them. 

When something happens and Miranda is forced
to leave Kentucky and stay at Ty's parents farm, sparks start to fly.

Can bad boy Ty change his ways in order to be with the one person that knows him better than anyone?

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