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Perchance by Lila Felix Blog Tour Stop

Remi Harris has a plan. Graduate high school, go to college, become a history teacher, be self-sufficient unlike her mother who is a struggling single mom. And the word ‘boy’ has no place in her plan.
Cooper Neal has been sent to his estranged father’s house to spend his Senior year getting to know him. And maybe, just maybe, there will be some cute girls in the small town.

Cooper sees Remi and he falls hard. Remi sees Cooper and wonders if she can do both. The question is; will he ruin her plans, or will she let him be a part of them?



First I have to say that this book is EPIC in every way! I have never sat down and read a book in four hours and wanted more no I actually needed more. I was like an addict needing my next high so much so I was shaking my Kindle thinking something was wrong. This story tore at my heart and had me reaching the tissues because never had I read where two people had had such hard lives reach deep down and allow themselves some "ME" time and allow themselves to open up and truly love.

Remi comes from a hard life. Her father walked out on the family years ago and all Remi's mother does is work which leaves Remi to raise her siblings. Remi's mother is what I call a man hater after being hurt by men she bashes them and lashes out. Remi listens to what her mother tells her about guys and stays away from them. She vows that she will not make the same mistake her mother made. No way she is going to go to school and get an education and then if there is room left for a man she will pursue him. 

Then things start to fall apart for her mother and she and her siblings are separated to different members of the family. Remi is sent to live with her aunt Brenda who lives in Louisiana whom she has never met but Remi is a good girl and she tells her mother and aunt she can't wait to get there. Once Remi arrives there her world is turned upside down. She never expected to fall in love and make friends that would support her and stick by her through the most difficult part of life. Remi meets Cooper and he is a game changer for her and she is not so sure whether it is for good or bad.

Remi will have to decide if Cooper is good for her like her heart tells her or if he is bad for her like her mother has always told her.

Cooper is a quiet boy who has never ever given his mama any trouble but it is his senior year and she is working more and more so she wants Cooper to meet his father. Cooper has never been mean to his mother but when she suggests he stay with a father he does not remember he wants to be mean to her and yell and scream but Cooper decides he will take it out on the man that left him and his mother high and dry.

As Cooper travels on the plain to Louisiana he is thinking his senior year is going to suck because he will be the new kid on the block and won't have any friends.Cooper never in a million years thought he would find the love of his life and friends. But once he gets there and meets his father he realizes that just maybe he could be happy there. As he and his father establish a relationship Cooper meets the girl of his dreams and he is instantly taken by her. What he does not know is that the girl he met is anti boy and he will have to work for this relationship. It is not going to come naturally and it will not be a cake walk.

Cooper is ready for anything when it comes to Remi. He has never ever loved a girl before and he will do whatever it takes to get Remi and stay with Remi. Will Remi let her walls down long enough for Cooper to sneak in? Will she break through the lies her mother has told her about boys? This is a must read love story that will grip you right from the start and have you laughing and crying all on the same page! Lila Felix you are one of my Favorite 2012 authors and I need more!


Today I want to welcome one of 2012’s GREATEST authors Lila Felix. She is the author of Emerge and Perchance. Both books have rocked my reading world and left me wishing and praying that I can clone both boy main characters because LORD HAVE MERCY they are so swoon worthy! Today we are going to ask Lila some hard and heavy questions about her writing and the male characters she writes so well about. 

How do you come up with these SWOON WORTHY guys in your books? 

Every guy that I write about is a spin-off of a certain trait of my husband. Carlos was and is my husband in real life. Cooper was rock steady and giving like my husband. And Owen…whoops!! I almost gave the next boy away!! 

Is Cooper written after someone close in your life? 

He’s just a different version of my husband. 

Why did the blonde trio try so hard to get Cooper to pay attention to them? 

‘Cause Cooper is hawt!!! Plus, in a smaller town, I think they were just looking for fresh meat. 

When did Cooper realize he loved Remi and would do anything for her? 

I think he realized it the first time he saw her. He felt a connection immediately. 

What made Cooper give Remi the space she needed? 

Pure love. He knew she had things to handle and things to do and just hoped beyond hope that when she got done she would still love him. 

When did Remi realize she loved Cooper and could not live without him? 

When she was back in Texas and realized that these ‘priorities’ she had were all the products of bogus psychology. It was then she saw how dumb she had been. And yes, I’ve told her to her face that she was flat out dumb. 

What inspired you to write Perchance and Emerge? 

Emerge is my true story, with the names and places changed of course. And Perchance just came to me because of a song. Actually it was a compilation of a few songs. 

Do you enjoy writing Happily Ever After stories? 

I can’t imagine writing anything else. Every girl deserves a happy ending and I’m happy to give them some to read about until they find their own. 

Did you always know you would become a writer? 

Oh heck no. I never imagined I would ever be a writer. I refuse to say the ‘a’ word in referring to my writing. You know, that author word. 

Do you have a favorite place to write? 

It used to be my funky recliner. But now I sit at a desk like a big girl. 

What is your next book about? 

It’s about Nellie, who is a roller derby girl and Owen who is—Hey! I’m not giving it all away. You almost had me Tee!! 

When will your next book be available? (I can’t wait, GOD I am so inpatient) 

I’m trying so hard for a November 13th release. Trying!!! 

Lila thank you so much for stopping buy and sharing your love and passion of reading and writing with us. Please keep writing more SWOON WORTHY men because I need them in my life! 

You are very welcomeTee! I always have time for you!!
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