Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Vampire Valentine by Amy Maurer Jones Book Review

~A paranormal comedy short story~

How is it that vampires, werewolves and witches always manage to become glamorized in Hollywood? They are forever portrayed as the overwhelmingly gorgeous, record-breaking athletic types with off-the-chart SAT scores! This is such a load of crap. Let’s be honest with ourselves for a minute. It’s never easy being different, even under normal circumstances. Now factor in the reality that your DNA is something far from human and imagine yourself wandering the halls of an ordinary mortal high school. You still think this would be cool, right? Well, you would be dead wrong (no pun intended). Take it from someone who can claim this miserable fate, it totally sucks!

The name’s Rhapsody Ripper and I am a freshman at Mundane High. Everyone in my school hates me and my two best friends, Hardy Hunter and Samantha Spell. Why? The answer is very simple. We’re freaks of nature, complete outcasts. We’re para-ab-normal misfits and we don’t fit in. Our peers go out of their way to avoid us on a regular basis, but today something happened that has never ever happened before. 

One of them was nice to me. Actually, he was much more than nice. With only five days remaining until Valentine’s Day, Reese Good, the deliciously warm-blooded star quarterback, invited me to the Sweetheart Dance. Maybe this year I won’t have to spend the holiday invented by a greeting card company alone.

My Review
5 of 5 Vampire Valentine
Vampire Valentine is a funny story that I absolutely loved! Amy Jones has such a way with writing that draws you in you can't help but to sit and read her books in one sitting. Lord I have never laughed so hard reading this paranormal romance. It made me remember high school and especially freshmen year in high school. I was so quiet and kept to myself because I had no brothers but I had 11 boy cousins and they were very very over protective. So when it came time to Valentine's day I was excited to be getting all those carnations until my cousins saw them and then the interrogation started. When they found out who sent them they tried to scare him off but he was determined and won the hearts of my uncles and cousins and I was finally able to date him. 

Rhapsody is a freshmen at Mundane High School and she has two best friends Hardy and Samantha. They are considered freaks and no one talks to them. Then five days before Valentine Days Reese Good who is the star Quarterback of the football team approaches Rhapsody and invites her to the Sweetheart dance she is thrilled and then shocked because no one has ever spoken to her let alone asked to her a dance. She is scared and excited but at the same time she is being cautious because it is high school and she knows people play pranks so she is keeping her eyes open.

What will happen between Rhapsody and Reese? Will she have a happily ever after with Reese? Will she have a great Valentine's Day? This is a must read for all you romance buffs.
Amy Maurer Jones
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South Columbus High School, Tabor City, NC

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Amy Jones said...

Thank you so much Tee! I'm glad you enjoyed it! It will release on Amazon and Barnes and Nobles on or near Valentine's Day! ;)