Monday, September 10, 2012

Dreamwalker (Persephone's League of Immortals #1) by Andrea Heltsley Blog Tour Stop

Noel Kennedy lost her boyfriend, her job and her dignity all in one week. Then something happened and she began to dream of this stranger she had never met. She couldn’t resist the man of her dreams named Jared especially when she met him in real life. Entranced, she slowly unraveled a world she was meant to stay out of. Her life was not what she thought it was once a sexy Boone stepped into the mix and shook things up. Can she escape a life of servitude or immortality for a chance at love?



HOLY HADES....... Dreamwalker is one of those mythology stories that grips you right from the beginning and you are unable to stop reading it because you need to know what is going to happen next. As you all know I love mythology stories and I love my bad boys! This story has it all and I want no I NEED book 2 ASAP! I want to thank AToMR for allowing me to be on this tour and allowing me to read a book that will stay with me for years. Well enough rambling and on to the review.

Noel Kennedy is a girl just trying to survive another day. One day she had everything and the next she lost it. She had a boyfriend and got dumped. She had a job and got fired. What more could go wrong you say well that is where the story starts to take off and we get to meet some awesome sauce characters. All down in the dumps Noel is looking out of her apartment window when she spots this HOT guy. She goes down to see if she was dreaming and finds a coin. She has no idea who left it and why but she picks it up and keeps it.

Her best friend Autumn comes over and decides what Noel really needs is a night on the town to party and get back in the dating scene. At the club Noel see Mr Hot and becomes enthralled with him. As they are leaving the club Noel wants to know more about Mr Mystery but he is gone again. Noel naturally can't get this guy out of her head. Then another HOT guy shows up looking for Mr Mystery and Noel finds out his name is Jared. The second guy Boone talks to Noel and asks her where Jared is and of course she has no idea but she is really enjoying these hot looking guys. That is until she starts dreaming these weird dreams and finds out they are not dreams but reality.

Noel is part of a secret world that she never knew existed. Noel is a dream walker and she can go in and out of dreams. What Noel did not expect was for Persephone to want her and her abilities. She never knew what was coming her way and with the help of some new friends Noel must survive or be taken by Persephone for her own evil desires. Dam what is a girl to do when she is stuck liking two guys? Will one be better than the other? Who is right for her? Will Persephone kidnap her and use her for evil? Come along for the most fast paced story that you will not be able to put down and then decide whether or not you are Team Jared or Team Boone.

I am a biology nerd who decided it was more fun writing than dissecting. I have written two novels and my third will be out this summer. I live on coffee and read like a robot. My husband and two Italian greyhounds usually have to tear me away from the computer...imagine that. :)

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Unknown said...

Eeep! Sounds like a difficult love triangle.

Thanks for the review!

Drea Shane said...

Thanks so much for hosting me and taking the time to review my awesome You are fantabulous!!!

Jessica said...

Looks like a great book. I love how more stories from mythology are starting to come out. Thank you for the giveaway!

Kelly said...

I love the Holy Hades part, I might have to use that saying! I hate love triangles though! But, she better pick the team I choose!

Chani Lynn Feener said...

This book sounds so good! Thanks for the review! I wouldn't have known about it otherwise.