Thursday, September 27, 2012

The Vampire Hunter’s Daughter By Jennifer Malone Wright Blog Tour Stop

Book Title: The Vampire Hunter’s Daughter: The Complete Collection
Author Name: Jennifer Malone Wright
Genre: YA paranormal
Publisher: Self
Date of Publication: June 2012
ISBN: 978-0615650081
Number of pages: 217 paperback
Word Count: 78,734 



TVHD is a wonderful read. Thank you to Parajunkee for allowing me to be on this tour. I had heard of this series but I never had time to read it. So when I saw it was on tour I jumped at the chance to finally get to read it and boy oh boy you don't know what you are missing! This story had so many twists and turns and secrets and lies and things that were kept hidden that it kept me at the edge of my seat. After reading each part of the story it plain to see that Chloe was going to have to grow up fast and learn the family business so to speak.

Chloe witnesses her mother being killed by a vampire and wants to help her mother but she is helpless against the strong vampire. She is rescued by vampire hunter's and taken to a safe place. When she wakes up she meets her grandfather who she did not know existed. Her mother kept her in the dark about a lot of things and soon Chloe will find out what she is and who she is. She comes from a long line of powerful vampire hunter's.

Upset and wanting revenge on the vampire that killed her mother she agrees to train and become a vampire hunter to kill that vampire who destroyed her world. What Chloe learns about herself and her family she never knew will blow her mind but at the end of the day when the dust settles revenge fuels her heart to kill the vampire who took her mother from her. This is a great read and I love how the hunters all came together to support Chloe and train her in the hunters way. 

About Author Jennifer Malone Wright
Jennifer Malone Wright resides in the beautiful mountains of northern Idaho with her husband and five children. Between the craziness of taking care of her children, whose ages range from fourteen all the way down to six months, and being a homemaker, Jennifer has little time left for herself. The time she does have left, usually leading far into the night, is spent working on freelance work or her beloved fiction.

When she grew up, Jennifer always had her nose in a book. She has been writing stories and poems since grade school. This love of the written word and her strong interest in the paranormal is what has led to her first novel “The Birth of Jaiden.”

In addition to being a mother and homemaker, Jennifer is also a very proud military wife. Moving around the country for the last ten years has made her a bit of a nomad and she finds it difficult to be in one place for too long.

Jennifer is also the author of The Birth of Jaiden, a paranormal novel filled with action, suspense, and even a love story.


Unknown said...

Looks like a great read, full of suspense.

Tee said...

Lisa this is a great read!

srobinson said...

Vampire stories are awesome! I am looking forward to reading the entire series.

Pam said...

This definitely sounds like a fantastic read. Thank you for the great review!


SMH said...

Looks amazing