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Wake by Abria Mattina Blog Tour Stop

Title: Wake
Author: Abria Mattina
Genre: Contemporary, Romance
Publisher: self-published
Pages: 759

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Book Description:
Eighteen isn’t too young to run your life into the ground, but it’s not too old to fix it, either. The desire for change drives Willa Kirk from St. John’s, Newfoundland back to her hometown of Smiths Falls, Ontario, away from her mistakes and the place where her sister died. She’s looking for a place to settle and rebuild, but Jem Harper just wants to get out of town, back to the life he knew before cancer. By letting the tragedies in their lives define them, they are both dying a little more every day. Welcome to the wake.



First I MUST start this review off by saying I HAVE NEVER read a book that had so many things tie in to one thing. Abria has done a PHENOMENAL job of weaving a story of love,loss and secrets. Where decisions are made and consequences are suffered. I was so emotional reading this book because I had just finished another book that dealt with Cancer and loss.

Jem was a very interesting character for me because he was a snarky little thing. He was angry and confused and hurt and scared all in one and hid it well from his family and friends. He is very close to his little sister and they share every thing and she even gives up her room so he can have privacy when he is sick. He is in remission from the cancer but he is sick from all the medicine and very cranky.

Then Jem starts school again after thr treatments but his heart just isn't there because he is always tired and sick. But he keeps going to school and it is there that he meets the new girl Willa. Although he finds out she is not new at all because she used to live there but then she moved away and now she is back. They start off with a lot of banter and snarkiness between them because Willa dishes out what he gives her. They have this love hate relationship and go through a lot together.

Willa has secrets and she is willing to go to the grave with them because all she wants to do is forget. She moves in with her brother to start a new life and move on from the death of her sister from Cancer. She becomes friends with Jem and treats him like he is not sick. They share a lot in common and they are good for one another. Willa realizes that Jem needs her in so many ways and she is willing to help him.

This story was so heart wrenching and so intense that at times I was laughing and crying all in one. This is a must read because it delves into emotions and situations that may arise for so many teens that are sick or who have family members that sre sick. It will take you on an emotional ride and in the end it will leave you breathless.

While I was reading this book a song came to mind that reminded me of Jem and Willa. My Love by Sia and here is the link to the video  

About the Author:
Abria Mattina works as Production Manager for the Ottawa Arts Review, an eclectic literary journal. Her work has appeared in Ottawa’s The Fulcrum and Canculture Magazine. Her poem “Circus” was published in volume 5.2 of the Ottawa Arts Review.

Abria holds a Certificate in Publishing from the New York University Summer Publishing Institute and a degree in English Literature and Psychology from the University of Ottawa. When she isn’t writing she enjoys travelling, eclectic books, blogging, and baking. She lives with her fiance, Daniel.

Her debut novel, Wake, is about the struggle to redefine life after experiencing cancer and caring for an ill loved one.

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Unknown said...

Wake is a book that I have been curious about for a while. I've had it on my Reccommended list on Amazon for what seems like forever, but I haven't seen any reviews. This is going on my TBR list... it sounds really good! Thanks for the review & giveaway!

Unknown said...

My stop is next week and I haven't read this yet! But I'm glad to know I probably might enjoy it.