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Cocoon (The Metamorphosis Trilogy #2) by Kate Oliver Book Review

It seemed to me, then, that love exists balanced on the edge of a knife, with self-doubt on one side and temptation on the other. And if you succumb to both, there's nothing for you but to be sliced in half, right down the middle of your wanting heart.

I was so, so close to the blade of that knife.

To save the girl he loves, Will Mallory destroyed his only means of returning to his own world, a decision that lays heavily on Will and Cara as they try to navigate the new life--the human life--they're building together. In the sequel to the acclaimed Caterpillar, a horrifying mistake sends a frantic Cara on a mission to the other side of the country to find James Napolitano, Will's genetic twin. Meanwhile, Will is stalked by a woman from his past, who promises to teach him the control of his Eolian abilities that he's sorely lacking, but at a price that may be too high for he and Cara both. 

Temptation and danger lurk at every turn as Cara and Will are forced to confront their greatest fear: that the love they've nearly died for may not be enough.

My Review

5 of 5 Cocoon

I have to say that Kate Oliver has created a world like no other. When I read Caterpillar I was captivated right from the beginning of Will and Cara's story. They had to endure so much and fought hard for what they believed in and what they wanted and in the end Will made the greatest sacrifice and decided that love was what he wanted and could not live without Cara. Love is such a strong emotion I think we forget sometimes the things we are willing to do for love and the things we do in the name of love.

In the continuation of Caterpillar in Cocoon Will has made the biggest decision of his life. He has decided to leave Eolian behind and follow his heart. He loves Cara and no matter what he tries to do he wants to be with her. The heart knows what it wants and it wants Cara. Will knows they have an up hill battle but it does not matter to him because he will fight for Cara. As Will and Cara try to navigate through life Cara is deciding what she will do about College and Will has to decide what he will do. Will has not really thought about the tomorrows because he wants to live in the today with Cara. 

Then something happens and Cara will travel across the country to find James Napolitano who is Will's genetic twin. They need his help in order to get through this latest bump in the road. But while Cara is out looking for James Will is being stalked by another Eolian who wants to teach him how to use his powers. But what does she really want from Will? Anya thinks she can bring Will back to their world but Will has no interest in going anywhere where Cara is not. 

Will Cara be able to find what she needs? Will Will stay true to Cara? Love is a strong emotion and one that guides Will so where will love lead them....... 

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My Review

5 of 5 Caterpillar

A Huge THANK YOU to YA Bound for allowing me to be a part of this tour. Caterpillar is one of those stories that will stay with you long after you have read it. I have to admit that the book cover threw me because it speaks of nothing in the book. Usually I am a cover girl. I know I know I am shallow like that but lord knows I love a good cover and if the cover is off I wait and see what the reviewers are saying. I have to say this cover grabbed me from the beginning and the blurb did the book justice so I took a chance and decided to read this book and I am so so glad I did.

Imagine this you are entering into your senior year and you want nothing more than to stay under the radar and get good grades to go to the college of your dreams. You have everything mapped out and then your parents come in and say they are going overseas and you have to pack up and move in with your older sister. You are devastated to say the least but your a good daughter and sister and don't put up a fight and just go to your sisters house to live.

Will is running for his life because someone is trying to kill him. He is tired of changing so he can escape. He would like to go home but that is light years away and in order to make it home he has to out run this person who is trying to kill him. Then he meets Cara and his life is about to change for the good. He and Cara become friends and as their friendship grows they fall in love. But what cost is love? Will they be able to be together? What will Will do now that he has found Cara? Will he want to go home or will he want to stay with Cara?

Come along for a true ride on a love roller coaster. Where it will end no one knows but where it is headed is promising. Will Cara follow her heart or her dreams? Will the connection Cara and Will share be enough? This is the first book in the trilogy and I can't wait for book two!

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Great reviews. I really enjoyed Caterpillar. I hope to get time to read Cocoon soon.