Monday, December 31, 2012

American Ghoul by Walt Morton Book Review

Seventeen-year-old Howard Pickman has some unusual problems: He comes from a family of ghouls with a long history of digging up corpses, and he’s just moved to a new school filled with kids that are scarier than he is. American Ghoul is the story of an exceptionally odd teenager trying to survive the most terrible time anybody has to go through -- senior year at high school.
Walt Morton is a writer, photographer, and artist. AMERICAN GHOUL, his
debut novel, has been called “The Tom Sawyer of horror fiction.” With
this book he is continuing a decade-long exploration into the macabre
via photography, film, painting and writing. Walt has lectured at the
British Film Institute and studied intensively in five martial arts.
AMERICAN GHOUL is his first of a planned sextet of books that reinvent
the supernatural horror genre. Born and raised in rural Pennsylvania,
he now lives in Venice, California with his dog, Juniper.

~ My Review ~

~ 5 of 5 American Ghoul ~


American Ghoul is the COOLEST Zombie I have read. I usually don't read Zombie books but I really enjoyed the cover on this one and this one is very different because it has real everyday issues the main character Howard has to face. So with this in mind I decided to read it and I am so glad I did. It is a fast paced read and when the end comes you will not even realize it. I kept checking my Kindle thinking I missed something but no I did not. I will be reading more books by Walt Morton because he has such a way with writing that grips you and you never see it coming.

In American Ghoul we meet Howard and his family.They have just moved to a new place and Howard is starting a new school. Who the heck wants to start a new school when you are a senior. It is hard enough to start a new school period but add in the craziness of being a Zombie and starting a new school as the new kid and not exactly being the coolest kid on the block you have American Ghoul. Poor Howard goes through some crazy things but at least he has a new best friend Sebastian to help him along the way. At least he has the band and Sebastian to help him through this tough year.

This book is fast paced and full of so much 70's references I loved it! Take a few minutes out of your crazy day and come on a ride that will surly leave you laughing!

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