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What’s it about?

Beyond Screenwriting is an accomplished Hollywood

screenwriter’s insider look to the real ins and outs of the

Hollywood screenwriting trenches. This book gives details of

how to write screenplays and goes further into the tricks of the

trade of the movie and television industry. Sterling Anderson

shares his triumphs and mistakes in the television writers’

room as well as how to deal with studio and movie

producers. Beyond Screenwriting goes beyond the normal ‘how

to’ screenwriting book because someone who has actually done

it writes it.

Beyond Screenwriting gives easy to follow tips from how to get your screenplay read, to how

to deal with show runners, line producers, and producers once you’ve gotten the job. The

discerning difference between most screenwriting books and Beyond Screenwriting is that

Sterling Anderson consistently tells aspiring screenwriters that they can do it, and here’s how.

Take a candid insider’s look at how to write screenplays and get a job writing screenplays from a

screenwriter with actual credits.

Beyond Screenwriting generously answers almost every question that aspiring screenwriters have

in the pursuit of a career as a Hollywood screenwriter.

Available in print and Kindle formats Sept. 1!
Paperback, $19.99 
ISBN: 978-1441526328 
Genre, 210 pages 
Xlibris Corporation, June 2009 

Award winning physician and teacher Dr. Steven Feldman changes the way his students see the world. In his thought-provoking book, Compartments, Feldman takes readers on a journey into conflicts in healthcare and other groups and organizations, uncovering strange behaviors and hidden truths. These stories explain how separations and borders cause conflict between groups of people: first, there are things in other groups that we don’t see; second, there are things we do see that we shouldn’t trust; and third, our perceptions are controlled by the context in which we make observations. 

Compartments includes stories of why previously effective medical treatments suddenly stop working and why some people can’t stop going to tanning beds. Learn why some doctors appear clueless and uncaring to their peers. Explore why different groups of very caring people clash over how to improve healthcare. These stories reveal the underlying structure that causes conflict between different factions in medicine, business, government and even religion. The stories of common misjudgments show how even the brightest, best trained, and most caring people can make judgments that are completely and utterly wrong. 

The modern world is thoroughly compartmentalized, causing conflicts in daily life. Learning to recognize the principles elucidated in Compartments helps people avoid needless disputes and end intractable quarrels. What causes these conflicts? Are there good and bad sides? Compartments will give you new insights and perspectives. 
A man was asked, "Why do you cheat on your wife?" His answer was, "Because I can." Another man was asked, "Who do you cheat with?" His answer was, "Whoever sits in my lap." Does He Cheat? is a nonfictional book that takes a peek behind the curtain of lies men tell and women choose to ignore. Hundreds of men were asked, "If your girlfriend or wife paid the least amount of attention to a sign that you are cheating, what would that sign be?" When the men were promised total anonymity, they began to regale us with shocking answers to this question. These men lift the veil and shine a flashlight on the signs their wives, partners, and girlfriends continue to ignore If you are a woman who wants to stop ignoring the signs your man is showing that say something might be amiss in your relationship, read Does He Cheat? 

Encyclopedia of the Commemorative Coins
of the United States 

Anthony J Swiatek 

American collectors are undoubtedly familiar with the popular U.S. State Quarters program and the Presidential Dollar coins. Such limited-edition coinage is part of a long tradition, dating back as far as the Columbian Exposition of 1893. Encyclopedia of the Commemorative Coins of the United States celebrates America’s rich numismatic history with the most thorough and wide-ranging volume ever compiled on U.S. commemorative coinage.

Edited and compiled by the country’s leading expert on numismatics, the Encyclopedia provides indispensable information for a broad spectrum of readers--from the reference librarian and the hobbyist to the serious collector. Anthony J. Swiatek not only provides a history for each coin, but also a detailed analysis of contemporary collecting facts, including quantity in existence and the coin’s current value. Swiatek further discusses counterfeit and doctored coins; mint errors; and even other related collectibles, such as cancelled coinage dies. With 668 full-color photographs of coins as well as of historical memorabilia, packaging, and other ephemera, the Encyclopedia is a must-have for the discerning investor and the casual collector, and should be a part of every library's general reference collection.

The book also contains a glossary of coin-collecting terms, a further reading section, and is fully indexed. 


An essential, well-organized guide...with a valuable 37-page straightforward language. The glossary makes the book’s specialized language accessible to novices—Library Journal 

Swiatek’s authoritative reference to commemorative coinage impresses with its meticulous coverage and well-researched details about protecting investments in coins. Well worth adding to large libraries—Booklist 

The Encyclopedia of the Commemorative Coins of the United States is an indispensable numismatic reference on U.S. commemorative coinage…an important book.—Mark Salzberg, President of the Numismatic Guaranty Corporation 

About the Author 

Anthony J. Swiatek is a past president (1997-99) of the American Numismatic Association (ANA), the world's largest organization for collectors of coins, tokens, medals and paper money. He is highly respected by collectors, dealers and colleagues in the numismatic world, and is a recognized authority on silver and gold commemorative coins. In 2002, the ANA awarded him its highest honor, the Farran Zerbe award. Mr. Swiatek is also a past publisher and editor of the popular “Swiatek Report,” one of the premier numismatic investment newsletters. Currently, he operates Swiatek-Minerva Coins and Jewelry, Ltd. in Saratoga Springs, New York. 

Product Details 
6 x 9; 712 pages; 668 color illustrations.
ISBN: 978-0-9817736-7-4
May 2012: $150 

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