Monday, December 10, 2012

***Cover Reveal: Birth by Janell Rhiannon***

Thank you for stopping by! And now, without further ado, the cover reveal for Birth, book one in the Livingstone Saga, by Janell Rhiannon. Read on for the synopsis, biography, and stalker links.
Medieval Spain 1208 AD

When Iseo’s father sends her to the cathedral at Santiago de Compostela—to await a profitable, arranged marriage—Father Tomas discovers her natural talent for stone working and trains her to become the first female Maker of Gargoyles. Guided by heavenly inspiration, she carves the sacred stone, freeing the glorious gargoyle she names Celestino. He exists in a cycle of flesh and blood for forty days, morphing between the body of a man and a winged-lion, and resting for seven days in stone. Iseo knows the beast well, but the man surprises her. Their mutual innocence complicates the natural bond between Maker and gargoyle, as it blossoms with the first blush of love. Sharing only a single kiss, they struggle to resist temptation, even as fate cruelly tears them apart. 

Celestino is a mighty adversary against the combined evil of demons and Fallen angels, in the great battle between Heaven and Hell. He possesses the strength to send demons screaming back to Hell, and the consecrated heart to exorcise them from human souls. 

When Celestino discovers that what he thought was demonic possession is really decay of the soul, he discovers that hundreds of infant baptisms performed by midwives were tainted. An encounter with a mysterious Archangel reveals that someone is making use of an ancient relic known as the Tear of Lucifer stone. Once the relic is used on a person, their soul is condemned to Hell upon their death, with no hope of salvation.

The Arch promises to help Celestino destroy the stone and punish the person responsible for bringing it to Santiago in the first place.

Iseo & Celestino … let their love possess you. 

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