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Blissful Lies Book Summary:

Things are often not what they seem in the decadent lifestyles of the rich and famous. Life can be messy and at times people do what feels wrong, because in the end it may turn out to be the best decision ever made. A close bond between 5 lifelong friends, now of college age, find the limits of their relationships are tested when multiple secrets and lies begin to surface, which ultimately leave them wondering if it is all too much to move forward as the family they once were. Forbidden love, drug dealing, date rape, betrayal, cheating, and more begin to unravel the strong ties between friends. Can they overcome secrets which warrant a very difficult life altering response?

Prices/Formats: $15.00 paperback, $8.99-$9.99 ebook
Publisher: Helm Publishing
ISBN: 9780985048839
Pages: 234
Release: January 3, 2012

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Blissful Lies is one of those reads that grabs you right from the beginning and has you reading until you finish. You have to keep turning the pages because you are reading about a train wreck happening and just like in life you watch but you don't want to well this is one of those books where you reading and your like oh hell no they just did not do that. Why did they do that? Were they thinking? What were they thinking when they decided to do that. Right from the start I captivated by these five friends who thought life would stay the same. I don't know what it is about friendships that we think as time passes they won't change. That is so not true because you experience love, loss, and starting a new family with someone else.

In Blissful Lies the girls will soon learn what it is really like when all the lies and secrets come out and they are confronted by these issues. They will have to fight through them and some will find true love and others will be deceived. This is a great story about the evolution of friendship. This is a must read if you like shows like Gossip Girls because the dynamics of the friends is so incredible. What one friend thinks is important the others don't so they have to work through all of these issues.

Give this book a go and if you don't want to read it watch it because it is a movie! 

Blissful Lies book trailer
Blissful Lies movie trailer
Jennifer Brown Thomas's Bio: 

At just 25 years old, Jennifer Brown-Thomas is a celebrated book author and movie director. Her first novel, Blissful Lies, combines both of her passions.

At the 2012 Cannes Film Festival, she presented Blissful Lies (the movie) starring Emmy award winning actress, Leann Hunley. YTINIFNI Pictures is working to bring the film to DVD and on-demand television this spring.

Jennifer is a married, Texas Christian University graduate and mother of one. Her newest venture, LBT Enterprises, is set to launch a fragrance, a children's clothing line and more.

Watch for more novels from Jennifer - the next on its way is Vindictive Grounds. In February, Jennifer will begin directing the film version of this novel. She says, "It definitely has more of the explicit sexual contact comparable to Fifty Shades of Grey."

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Tribute Books said...

Tee, what a great comparison to Gossip Girl. And especially now that there are only a few episodes left of that show, Jennifer's book and movie are here to fill the gap. Hooray!

Thanks for the 5 out of 5 star review!

Jennifer Brown-Thomas said...

Thank you for the fabulous review! I'm thrilled you've enjoyed it and I look forward to sharing the sequel with you. Love your blog and thanks to your readers for their attention! I appreciate all of you. Xoxo.

Unknown said...

I'll prolly skip the book but I'll try to catch the movie